Untitled short story of a bodybuilding show by royd-roided

 This is untitled story posted by deviantart user royd-roided on march 5, 2011. royd-roided is a self decribed " huge roided matured daddy-piglet" who produced soft porn of bodybuilders portrayed as muscular bulls and pigs, or slaves for other men to subdue,modify and abuse for pleasure. Anyway, this is one of the less extreme journal entries, but as a short story, shares a remarkable experience of being a bodybuilder in competition. In our time, bodybuilders still must train themselves without help to turn their bodies into works of art for the admiration of others, and to please their own mental images of themselves. Maybe one day that will all change, as mankind realises the full potential that can be achieved by forced bodybuilding.  ******UNTITLED by royd-roided ******** My name was announced. It was time. It was natural to be nervous, though I felt oddly confident and had expected it to be much worse. Everything started to move in slow motion and I felt a strange sens

Suggestions for male and female growth stories with muscle and fertility

   These suggestions for new stories were proposed on an old website called in 2005 before it was archived and closed by a user named mnbvx. The same user also wrote extensively about more suggestions for stories, but does not appear to have gotten around to writing them themselves. Anyway, the ones sampled here are certainly in tune with themes focused on in this blog, and it would be a joy to find even more story suggestions and odd ideas thrown together in the comments. Tell me your opinions on these, and if I have the time, i may get around to putting a few into writing! If a sufficient new list of dark fantasies is gathered, I will compile them into new incremental posts for all to see.   I'm one of the few mgs members who are into non-gay muscle growth and into muscle theft stories. below you'll find some story ideas that came into my mind during the last months. Hope you like them: suggestion #1 Ten bodybuilders and ten big bust porn stars are

Making a Herd. A short story about bull transformation and virilization

 This is an excellent transformation story with a somewhat slow pace, but ends with a hot buildup of rapid musclegrowth, beastly sexual urges, eating sperm, and forced sperm milking. Tell me what you think in the comments section, with your favorite parts, and what you wish to see more of in the future.   Making a Herd Written by Leo_Todrius Commissioned by Panzermaus Based on "Making an Ass" commissioned by Canine80 A warm afternoon wind blew across the well groomed pasture land, the green grass contouring to the gentle hilly slopes before running up to the golden yellow and orange leaves of the maple trees clustered into groves. It was a marvelous view, one that had earned the Golden Groves cattle ranch its name. Summer had been particularly rewarding to the ranch, its owner managing to turn a profit despite a tough economy. While Texas was experiencing a terrible drought and selling off many herds, other states were faring better and holding in there... and Sim

Wake up, Chonkers. It's time for you to digest 50 pounds of gainer mix and work it off into lean bodymass!

 AFTER... BEFORE... After years of working out, flexing on demand, and sponsorship from twinks, this bodybuilder has been pumped up such a level of development, he is becoming useless for anything else. His skinny twink worshippers have encouraged him to just keep working out irresponsibly until he now resembles something like a musclebound pig or some other large muscular male animal used for breeding. This is how it is meant to be, and what must be achieved. It is not uncommon for bodybuilders to appeal for sponsors to assist in the maintenance of their impressive size and strength. In return, they can offer something like a backstage pass to see their work in progress up close and personal, with flexing on demand, and posing for their fans to inspect the progress. Some of the fans pay tribute to the musclewhore by sponsoring them through nutrition, on condition they workout extra hard to turn it all into new muscle. In the case displayed here, this is what happens when a bodyb

Jimmy had ALWAYS been the king of the gym. Short story by muscletits

 This short story had been thankfully preserved from total loss when the original owners tumblr page disappeared. Special thanks to abusethemuscle2 for making a copy. I also plan to make my own version of this hot vignette in a supplementary post, but if anyone else out there has a suggestion for content to be shared here or reworked, just mention in the comments, and maybe I can work something out. Jimmy had ALWAYS been the king of the gym.  His balloon pecs, gorilla arms, oak thighs were above and beyond everyone else.  But now he was helpless in the bondage, close to tears as the tall dude brought up another pair of nipple clamps.  "No, NO please not again!  I’ll do anything!!!“ Jimmy tried to beg.  The men just laughed and chanted "Punish! Punish! Punish!”  It had been hours of forced flexing, marathon sessions of popping his pecs and double biceps poses, forced to say “I am a big muscleman!” and “Look at my big muscles!” until he was too weak to go on.  It only pumped up

A muscular prize bull specimen

  If you feel the muscle bulges of a highly developed body builder, you will notice that the muscle feels soft. When the bodybuilder flexes, the muscle will feel very hard and dense, often described as similar to cords of rubber under a layer of silk. The skin feels unusually thin and sleek, and very pleasant to the touch when the knots muscles underneath twitch and bulge at every single movement. This handsome masculine specimen displayed here mostly naked is obviously a highly developed bodybuilder, and also an excellent example of muscular development into bullification. The musclemass all over his body has hypertrophied into a swollen state with thick meaty fibers filling up all over his limbs and have begun bulging against one another. Note the folds of skin around his armpits where the shoulder meets the pectoral. The extreme well development of the prize bull's physique has been difficult for a normal body to accommodate, so the muscles just sort of bloat out onto each oth

What is bullification?

 Bullification is a fetish involving the sexual attraction to increasing muscle mass, heightened virility, increased libido and activity, and intense arousal by the attention from others bestowed on people referred to as "bulls" or "studs" combined with curiosity about their sexual capacity and number of sexual partners. This is also in conjunction with a mixture of disgust, fear, jealousy and lust at the sight of their muscular bodies and demonstrations of strength and endurance. Usually, the bull is a handsome, athletic young man, who, through heavy vigorous exercise and healthy diet, has achieved a very well developed physique to attract the notice of others. A bull is often seen as an immensely strong, sexually omnipotent animal whose sole purpose is to have sex with and impregnate cows, and the idea of being seen as sexually powerful is a strong allure to both the stud bull, and his admirers. A human bull should be admired in the same way as an animal bull. He